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Greedy’s Red Jacket Reserve

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The most authentic Dragonfruit flavor.

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Have you ever noticed how those extremely greedy assholes have their own exclusive clubs?  Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like, to put on one of those pretentious red jackets reserved for “members only”–and sample some of the finest artisan crafted pleasures you’ve been denied?  You know what I’m talking to about, the good stuff.  Well, now you don’t have to be a rich prick to enjoy the finer things in life.

This is the vape you want to enjoy while sitting among your low society friends, as you look down your noses and poke fun at the uppity members only” corporate tax cheats.  Yes, you ARE better than them.  This exquisite blend is fitting for the distinguished gentleman, it’s Dragonfruit–and it’s amazingly delicious!!  They can keep their silly jackets and shitty tobacco, we have our own club now–and they ain’t in it.

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1 review for Greedy’s Red Jacket Reserve

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    if i could rate this 12 stars, i would. got the cloud line recipe, and she chucks big clouds – but the flavor is f**king amazing. appley, creamy, little hint of bourbon – just delicious. can’t say enough good stuff about clandestine. fast-ass shipping, killer product, killer presentation. i’ll be back for more and more and more. keep it up, shane – you da man!

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