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Big Wacko Tobacco


A Light Slightly Creamy Butter Rum Tobacco

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The Big Tobacco industry has been fooling around with the concept of electronic cigarette devices for several decades, paying big $$ for studies spanning over many years.  Apparently the public just wasn’t ready for better tasting, less offensive, and much safer alternatives to their deadly cash crop–so they sat on it until it was too late and the industry came under heavy scrutiny and litigation.

While they’re paying off congressmen and senators with donations, negotiating corporate revolving door deals and favorable tax revenue streams with government entities–I’d like to introduce you to this delicious and aromatic blend of three different tobacco blends to create a true tobacco vaping experience.  We don’t have time to stop mixing delicious flavors, just because big industry and their corrupt government got their feelings hurt by the Average Joe.

Try this very smooth and light creamy butter rum tobacco, it takes you back.  Also, it makes your butt not hurt.

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