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Big Pharma Karma


Creamy Blackberry Yogurt Blend

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What goes around comes around.  For decades both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have colluded in the interests of profit and power. Monopolizing markets is what they both desire and neither could really care about the interests of public health.  Around the 1930’s tobacco cigarettes were actually doctor approved.  Along comes the “little guys” with a more pleasant alternative that could “potentially” end up being much closer to what they once lied to the public about, and they lose their minds–firing up their big money propaganda machine once more. That’s why I’m recommending my smoothly crafted non tobacco blend.

You should grab a bottle of this berry creamy delight.  Fresh blackberries stirred into a smooth creamy yogurt blend.  Unlike the physician approved tobacco smokes of old, it’s not to die for–but it’s extremely delicious.  That’s Karma.  Sorry not sorry, Big Pharma.

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