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Banana Republic of America


Our recipe for a Banana Split.

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Here in America, we seem to love the idea of becoming a Banana Republic.  We’ve trapped ourselves into a vicious cycle of exporting our manufacturing to other countries, in exchange for cheap labor and maximum corporate profits.  How else would CEO’s afford to feed their families, if not off of the backs of foreign child labor while sticking it to their dwindling and short changed domestic workforce?

With this smooth creamy banana split flavor, you can become a vaping guerilla–a citizen juggernaut of freedom and fairness!  This flavor will mask you in a fog of anonymity, keeping you hidden and out of view from the dastardly plutocrat leaders–who seek to take from you every last drop of freedom juice and personal pleasure they can.  Now you can vape confidently as a citizen agent of change, as you go forth on your quest to restore the freedom and prosperity this nation once held dear.  Vape it for country!!

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