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What is an e-cig or electronic cigarette?
An e-cig or electronic cigarette is actually what we call a vape device that is either powered by batteries, or gets power through either usb port or power adapter. Some appear identical in shape and appearance of regular tobacco cigarettes and come in a variety of colors and LED lights.  We call those “cig-a-likes” and they’ve become first generation technology, that big tobacco is currently peddling through gas stations and big box retail giants.  We highly recommend that you don’t reward Big Tobacco or Big Pharma by purchasing any of these types of devices.  We recommend that you support your locally owned Mom & Pop Vape Shops, which generally carry much more advanced, reliable, and effective devices.

You puff on these as you would a traditional cigarette, however, many are manual and require you to push a little button to activate the draw. Electronic cigarettes are not to be confused as medical devices to help you stop smoking, but rather as an alternative to smoking. The device delivers nicotine in the form of vapor, not smoke. The vapor quickly dissipates in the air, and leaves no lingering burnt tobacco smoke or odor in the air.

What is an atomizer?
The atomizer is the part of the e-cig that heats the flavored nicotine solution that produces the vapor.

What is a cart/carto/cartridge?
Is a plastic cartridge, usually filled with a polyester material that soaks up the liquid nicotine solution. The cart (on most e-cig devices) is usually the part that resembles the filter of traditional cigarettes.  Cartos are becoming a thing of the past, as new technology is moving into bottom and top coil atomizers that are much easier to use.

What is dripping or the drip method?
Dripping is when you bypass the cartridges and drip directly to the atomizer of your device. Some devices are built for this, while others are not. We don’t recommend using this method for the beginner, it’s good to start out with the basics and see if this is the right fit for you.  As you become more experienced and familiar with batteries, voltage, wattage, ohms, and basic rules of electricity and power–you can move on to the high end equipment and the world of DIY rebuildable coils, really taste the rainbow, and maybe become a “cloud chaser” if that’s your thing.  This is why we sell a “Cloud Line” mix of our eLiquids–it’s a thicker and higher concentrate eJuice consisting of less PG and more VG.  It just works better with their types of devices and builds, versus the standard lines recommended for the beginner and semi-advanced equipment that we currently sell.

Disclaimer:  The person(s) in these review and/or tutorial videos are not affiliated with Clandestine Vapes™ in any way.  These reviews and/or tutorials were chosen because I think the person(s) has demonstrated valuable knowledge in regards to the subject at hand.


What is eLiquid or eJuice?
eLiquid or eJuice, is the flavored liquid nicotine solution. This solution consists of water, flavoring, liquid nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine. It really depends on where you buy your eJuice from. We recommend asking your supplier what ingredients they use. If they use anything outside what is mentioned, we recommend finding another trusted and quality supplier.

What is Liquid Nicotine?
Liquid nicotine is just simply nicotine that has been extracted from the tobacco plants and through a process has been introduced to a liquid solution capable of preserving the chemical properties of the nicotine, the liquid is usually either PG or VG. Not only does our liquid nicotine come from an actual FDA approved laboratory, but it’s also organic!

What is PG?
PG is a term used when referring to Propylene Glycol. PG is found in most recipes that produce vapor for e-cigs. PG is on the list of FDA approved substances and is found from everything from flavorings, fog machines virtually almost everything you use on a daily basis has PG. We use nothing but the finest USA made USP food grade propylene glycol in our products.

What is VG?
VG is the term used when referring to Vegetable Glycerine. VG is also found in many of our day to day products. Some folks have a slight allergic reaction to PG, so VG is general what replaces the PG as a flavor and vapor producing agent. Most eLiquid suppliers use a ratio mix of both PG and VG in their products. We use the finest quality VG that is made in the USA and is USP food grade quality. For our customers who are sensitive to the PG, we will make a special order consisting of 100% VG solution upon request.

What is Vaping?
Vaping is the lingo or term used for smoking e-cigs. Since there is no smoke, but instead vapor, the term vaping replaces smoking. An example of using it in a sentence or conversation: As an ex-smoker myself, I enjoy a good “vape” instead. My wife enjoys the fact that I can continue vaping inside while we watch movies, instead of having to pause the movie so I can go outside for a smoke break.

We used to have reservations about equipment made in China, but with this market, they’ve shown remarkable attention to listening to the consumers–and have developed very nice and dependable devices.  We still don’t and would never recommend eLiquid from China or a Big Tobacco owned brand, we stand firm on the importance of supporting your locally owned vape shops and trusted vendors.  There are a handful of companies that do offer high quality USA manufactured devices, we just recommend doing your homework and reading customer reviews before making your purchase. Many artists from many countries have begun producing highend works of art, yes…works of art–you should see some of those things. Again, we recommend starting out small and learning all you can before making that kind of leap.

We may run promotions from time to time, and offer to give away various hardware and starter kits of quality devices to our customers–so check out our facebook page and give us a like to stay updated!