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Clandestine Vapes Referral Program

EARNBUCKWant to earn a little extra dough while turning folks on to the world’s most awesomest eLiquid? We’ve got you covered with the Clandestine Vapes Referral Program!

The concept is super-simple. Refer a person (or people,) and for every bottle they buy, you get a buck. That can add up real quick!

If you’re already a customer with an account, you’re ready to rumble. Just click here and you’ll be taken to your affiliate page that has links and super-simple Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share buttons.

Share as much as you want – anywhere you want (please don’t share in inappropriate or kid-specific places…be a responsible adult).

If you’re not a customer yet, click here to create an account. Once you’re in, come back here and you’ll be ready to rumble!

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