Collusion add on for Firefox displays how advertisers track you across the websites you visit through cookies (RT @VanessaGuyot: Collusion for Firefox: Who’s tracking you?

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PR Web (press release)Corporate Whistle Blower Center Demands the US Congress Change the Culture of …PR Web (press release)The Corporate Whistle Blower Center believes the US Congress must fully investigate a culture of incompetence at the US…

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Federal Judges Direct Anderson in New Witness Tampering Filing. Federal Appeals Panel Directs Anderson to Judge Scheindlin in New Witness Tampering Filing May 29, 2012. United States Court of Appeals for The Second …

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Staff is presenting information they’ve gathered from their friends who now work for Big Tobacco.  To you, me, and anyone else who looks at it, HR4134 is a screwed up favor specifically designed to benefit Big Tobacco.

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RELATED: Americans are quick to judge Mexican corruption, but this isn’t the first recent scandal involving US-based corporations handing out bribes in Mexico. Though so far no one has accused the company of laundering …

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“Part 1 explains the basic mechanics of fractional reserve banking in very simple
terms with examples.


Part 2 answers “What is Money?” for the purposes of the discussion.

Part 3 illustrates how and why fractional reserve banking is fraudulent.


Part 4 shows how the system can fall apart, and two attacks that the
banksters can use to steal wealth from people.


Part 5 examines usury and compound interest as forms of invisible slavery.


Part 6 is a quick summary with links to other resources.

Each part builds on the previous, so it is strongly recommended to read through in order. Even if you have a solid understanding of fractional reserve banking, there are a few new twists that I add to the traditional understanding of it that could be missed.”

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“Nobody, of course, is guilty by virtue of his relationships alone. That a “legitimate” financial operator (whether he be from the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, or wherever) has done business with, say, a Russian organized crime boss or a Saudi billionaire who has funded Al Qaeda, does not mean that the “legitimate” financial operator supports terrorism or would knowingly participate in a politically motivated act of financial terrorism against the United States.


Nonetheless, there is strong reason to believe that the report for the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Support Program was right: the United States was attacked by financial operators with ties terrorist organizations and rogue states. There is also clear reason to believe that “legitimate” American financial operators and transnational organized crime syndicates have attacked the markets. In addition, there is reason to believe that some relationships between these various consituencies are not altogether irrelevant, and might, indeed, account for the magnitude of the damage done to the financial system. 


The evidence is not 100 percent conclusive, but the facts are suggestive. At a minimum, they point to a scenario for how things might have played out in 2008–a scenario that needs to be taken seriously because it does show that the United States is, without doubt, vulnerable to future attack. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that such an attack is inevitable.


When the attack comes, I hope that this story will have provided at least a few good answers to that first question:  ”By whom?”


As to the Defense Department report’s second question – why? – I have no definitive answers. And ultimately, the question might be irrelevant. The damage to the economy is the same whether it has been done in the name of profit or jihad; in the name of terror, geopolitics, another billion bucks, or nothing more than the fun of the game. The financial operators who will be described in this story come in many stripes, but their various activities pose a collective threat to American prosperity and national security.”

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An interesting perspective concerning a possible lame duck bi-partisan deal, to rob the middle class and poor of  their poorly managed, grossly underfunded, sadly inadequate and yet still very crucial social safety nets.

“What a long, strange trip it’s been. Despite a decade of attempts by Pete Peterson and his accomplices to “re-educate” us about the necessity of slashing our social safety net, the public has politely refused to take the bait. So every time, they simply move the goal posts closer, never taking their eye off the prize. They will never give up.”

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“Some people have called for reasonable steps in the wake of this scandal:  Tighten banking regulations. Strengthen the Volcker rule. Restoring Glass-Steagall.  Force Jamie Dimon to resign from the board of the New York Fed.

Each of these moves would be a start—but they would only be a start.  But the story of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase illustrates a far deeper, far more systemic problem.  It highlights the broken and corrupt matrix of relationships between rich (and often lawbreaking) bankers, politicians and regulators in Washington, and supplicating figures in the national media.

This is an opportunity to explain what’s wrong with our system and pursue ways of fixing it.  Let’s seize the moment now—before it’s too late and they break the economy again.”

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