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Corporate Whistle Blower Center Demands the US Congress Change the Culture of … – PR Web (press release)

PR Web (press release)Corporate Whistle Blower Center Demands the US Congress Change the Culture of …PR Web (press release)The Corporate Whistle Blower Center believes the US Congress must fully investigate a culture of incompetence at the US… See it on Scoop.it, via Corporate Corruption Source: Corporate Corruption News

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The Miscreants’ Global Bust-Out (Chapter 1): Was the United States Attacked by “Financial Terrorists”? | Deep Capture

“Nobody, of course, is guilty by virtue of his relationships alone. That a “legitimate” financial operator (whether he be from the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, or wherever) has done business with, say, a Russian organized crime boss or a Saudi billionaire who has funded Al Qaeda, does not mean that the “legitimate” financial operator […]

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Coming Soon: The Bipartisan Compromise That Will Erode Our Safety Net

An interesting perspective concerning a possible lame duck bi-partisan deal, to rob the middle class and poor of  their poorly managed, grossly underfunded, sadly inadequate and yet still very crucial social safety nets. “What a long, strange trip it’s been. Despite a decade of attempts by Pete Peterson and his accomplices to “re-educate” us about the necessity of […]

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