Of all the threats to Americans’ health — a list that includes bird flu, measles and West Nile virus — few get Dr. Tom Frieden as riled up as electronic cigarettes.

Shane Brooks’s insight:

Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC seems like a good guy.  At first glance he doesn’t appear to have any glaring issues of corruption within big industry, and his past resume and work to curb smoking and improve health is impressive and noble.

However, as I dig ever so slightly deeper, I see the that a Senator is calling for an investigation into the CDC practices concerning corruption–tied to who else but big pharma.  Surprise surprise…I’m shocked.

For someone who is so well educated, intelligent, committed to improving public health, and getting folks to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes–he sure is ignorant.  Or is he?

Virtually every single one of his talking points concerning his problem with eCigs, is easily debunked and on it’s face–ridiculous and insulting.

Dr. Frieden claims that eCig manufacturers of the liquid nicotine products don’t want to submit for testing and application for approval with the FDA.  You see, Mom & Pops have created and nourished this market growth in this exciting new industry–not Big Tobacco as they would like us to believe.

They keep showing those inferior first generation beginner devices like Blu and nJoy, which are owned by Big Tobacco.  Conveniently, their devices are sold in gas stations, retail giants like Wal Mart, and tobacco smoke head shops looking to cash in on an industry for a quick buck.

What they conveniently fail to mention, is the thousands of small businesses, local Mom & Pop vapor shops opening in virtually every city across the country.  These shops, for the most part, are very good at self regulation.  If anyone is looking for a quality vape device and nicotine products to use in them, these are the places you go–not to a gas station, WalMart or a head shop…gross.

They do not target or sell to children, nor have any type of tobacco product in their businesses.  If they did or mixed a dangerous or low quality product–you could be guaranteed that the vape community will make it known and have them shut down.

Most of these local shop owners are former smokers who are helping others, despite the corporate propaganda we’re being fed by our very own taxpayer funded agencies–we’re supposed to believe in and trust.

Yes, the little guy has finally hit the jackpot and capitalized on an opportunity first–and that scares the shit out of Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma.  All of this really boils down to these two industries, the agencies we should be relying on to protect us–and how they’re playing this clever game of good cop bad cop.

The reality and the truth is, they want to charge these small businesses an insane amount of money for testing and application submittal to keep selling their products. 

To give you an idea, it will cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, to meet the requirements of only one flavor at one dosage strength of nicotine–a product that cost less than one hundred dollars to produce.

Who can afford that, besides Big Tobacco and Big Pharma?  You, your neighbor, friend, or family member more than likely sure as hell can’t.  So in one swipe, you kill 90% of the industry competition and innovation.  Not to mention the one product and market force that could seriously challenge Big Pharma and Big Tobacco’s dangerous products and market share.

The ingredients are already tested and FDA approved for the most part.  There is no reason to require over-the-top expensive laboratories with all the CDC bells and whistles.  While it takes talent to mix a quality and delicious batch of eLiquid–it’s basically as easy as baking a cake (Just the mixing of a few liquid ingredients in proper ratios, according to recipe).

All that’s really needed is a commercial kitchen with an epoxied floor, stainless steel sinks, stainless steel mixing table, vent hood, refrigeration, storage cabinets, uv sterilizer for your mixing equipment–and proper protocols and procedures for storage and mixing area. 

Just open up the industry to regular local, state and the occasional surprise federal health inspections.  Most Mom & Pops could afford to continue competing with realistic, fair, and reasonable oversight. 

There’s no doubt that this could level the playing field between big and small business, foster creation of real jobs that help bring back local small businesses to downtown areas, improve public health. 

As a bonus, the satisfaction of sticking it to corrupt and complicit government agencies–and their big industry buddies they publically love to hate.  This is the main issue of the FDA’s proposal that we must not lose sight of–and work hard to hammer home.

Or…just sit back and hand it all over to Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, and let them sell their "trustworthy" products to the masses at WalMart and in gas stations.  It’s only recommended if we prefer the status quo of defeating ourselves on our own dime, and enjoy repeatedly kicking ourselves in the ass.  Whichever.

If the director of the CDC or the FDA think I’m scared to submit my product, then offer to pay for it as a one time citizen courtesy and publicly publish the findings.  Put me in my place and silence me. 

Maybe Lorillard will be kind of enough to pay for my product testing.  They could compare the quality and safety of my product, with their product from the sellout company they purchased. 

They’re working in a ridiculously overkill laboratory environment and walking around in spacesuits.  Surely, their product must be safer, cleaner, higher quality–and just plain damn better than mine.

I’ll put my product and a dozen other small business owners products I know of in the industry, against Big Tobacco, Big Pharma or any Big Budgeted companies nicotine product–any damn day of the week. 

What do you say Big Tobacco and Mighty Guardians of Public Health?  Let us compete.  What do you have to lose?

Source: Electronic Cigarette News

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