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The world’s best eLiquid is made right here in Pullman, Washington.  I’m proud to serve you with my signature blend premium quality eLiquids, and what you will agree is the most amazingly complex collection of rich flavors–perfectly hand blended for your vaping pleasure.

Washingtons’ best kept vaping secret.  If you’re looking for quality eCigs & eLiquid in Pullman, Washington–you’ve found them.  We also specialize in wholesale eLiquid orders.  While we hate the term eCigs for obvious reasons, it’s a term we’re pretty much stuck with at the moment.  I prefer referring to them as PVD’s (Personal Vape Devices).  After all, we are vapers–not smokers.

If you’re looking for truly original artisan flavors for your e-cig or electronic cigarette device, you’ve come to the right place.  The flavors of my blends are robust and produce a nice tingly yet smooth throat sensation, delivering a nice thick cloud on a delicious exhale–in which you will experience subtle notes from a combination of flavors that make up the recipe.

You can be confident that I use only the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients from the USA, and it’s masterfully blended in-house–right here in the USA.  We’ve re-branded , we are formerly known as EpicVapors.com

Originally founded in Texas, we’re proud to have been the first dedicated Vape Shop in Moscow Idaho to introduce the community to the world of quality vaping, and a much less offensive and more pleasant alternative to traditional tobacco smoke.  We cater to adults aged 18+ only.  We do not sell tobacco or other items associated with the tobacco industry.  Yes, there is a difference.  There’s a whole lot more involved and at stake than just another item to sell, in order to make a quick buck.

I take the fight against Big Tobacco/Big Pharma/$$ in Politics personally and seriously.  It is our job as small business owners to educate our communities on the facts as we know them and as more scientific data comes in. We will never sell out to Big Tobacco!  Ok, that’s a lie, we totally would–but only under certain ethical conditions.  Besides, we can’t have them screwing up perfection.

The first thing that people in our communities need to know, is to stay away from electronic vape devices and eLiquid from gas stations, multinational corporate retail giants, tobacco shops, or marijuana head shops–as they will be buying not only inferior and outdated products, but could inadvertently be supporting Big Tobacco and/or Big Pharma. Unless, of course, they happen to be selling a trusted locally owned brand–which is unlikely, not impossible…but unlikely.

Support for locally owned and dedicated vape shops is of the utmost importance.

I look forward to interacting with our community groups, organizations, and the general public on all issues concerning buying local, sustainability, education, and public health issues–especially when concerning the vape industry.

Ask about our local, state, and federal government employee, first responder, and military discounts!

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