Well, just what in the hell do you want me to say anyway? It’s the best damn eLiquid line-up the world has ever known and will ever know. Think I’m bullshittin’? Try some for yourself, you be the judge.

Often imitated, never duplicated.
There you have it.

The Truth About Vaping…

Real scientific studies such as the one produced by the Royal College of Physicians have proven that vaping is at least 95% safe(r) than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping has been around for over ten years now. In the early days, skeptics would call the testimonials of those who have switched to vaping as an alternative as merely anecdotal.

Ten years later, millions of remarkable similar testimonials from former tobacco smokers, and a recent study released by the New England Journal of Medicine suggest that the hypocritical science denying special interest skeptics need to find not only a more accurate term to use—but they need to find another rope to piss up.

Clandestine Vapes

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