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About Us


A mysterious and subversive one man wrecking crew.   An ordained Minister of aggravation, proprietor of irritance, citizens political propaganda czar, general societal nag, slayer of giants, and expert user of the internets–who is also one hell of a talented mixologist and an eLiquid savant.  My name is Brooks.  Shane Brooks (which makes me not-so-anonymous). Heh.

All of my ingredients are of the highest USA made USP food & pharmaceutical grade quality. The liquid nicotine that I use is also organic and free from pesticides and other processes. I take great care and pride in preparing each order by hand. I promise to try and ship out your purchase the very same day if it’s received by 12:00pm PST Monday-Friday.

I have a clean and safe commercial location to mix up these awesome recipes.  All of my ingredients are refrigerated, properly sealed, and stored.  Mixing is done on a stainless steel restaurant grade table.  All syringes and mixing equipment are sterilized in an actual lab quality sterilization cabinet.  NO, it’s not a “lab”, or an ISO 7 Cleanroom, or a Biohazard facility–and I sure as hell don’t walk around in a silly spacesuit.  That’s for the well financed big industry wannabe guys, who would like to corner the rest of the market along with Big Tobacco/Pharma.  It’s overkill, it’s ridiculous, and it’s designed for monopolization–not for “safer quality”.

If you would like to verify the science for yourself, please visit the ‘Is Vaping Safe?’ page.  You’ll find all the science you crave, in the extended article just beneath the awesome info-graphic.  Therein I present the case for reasonable, realistic, and fair guidelines for a regulatory framework–to ensure a safe quality product that is ALSO a win economically for small businesses and their local communities.  You can also visit the blog to see what I’m complaining about now.  I’ll put the quality and safety of my product against any “Industry Leader” who wants to publicly put their money where their mouth is and open this can of worms.  I’m open to invitations for public debate on the scientific facts within the industry–as we know them.

I believe in the free market system.  I believe in being open, honest, upfront, and personal with my customers and the public in general.  I actually mix each bottle personally by hand-on site-and do NOT outsource to a company that makes every other “John’s” eLiquid product.  If I did, I’d tell you.  I don’t attempt to clone or steal competitors eLiquid recipes because I have honor & integrity.  Always 100% original and unique.  Guaranteed.

I would rather fail fighting the good fight ethically and honestly, than to succeed with deceit and disgrace.  I like to look at myself in the mirror in the mornings and like what I see.

What you see is what you get.  Just the facts and absolutely no bullshit.  Big industry can prepare for a fight or they can get the hell out of our way.   This citizen propaganda train has left the station and it’s full steam ahead.  I do this because I love it, I want to, it’s what’s right, I like to fight for what I believe in, and lastly…I do it for the lulz.

Special thanks to fellow activist, musician, human being, incredible artist, and friend Dan Bellini–for his fine art work on our signature label designs. Be sure to visit his Occupy Art Facebook Page.  Shout out to our printer Crazy Larry for hooking us up with all of our gear and the printing of our artwork and merchandise, check out Blasted Rat.

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